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A Brief History of Manila Science High School

  • The Manila Science High School is presently located at the corner of Taft Avenue-P. Faura Streets It was previously located at the corner of Victoria-Muralla Streets in Intramuros, Manila.
  • The Manila Science High School, then the Special Science Classes, was formerly under the Manila High School. Mr. Augusto Alzona, principal of Manila High School, is largely credited with the establishment of the MSHS, thus his appelation “Father of Manila Science High School.”
  • Mr. Alzona worked hand in hand with the Bureau of Public Schools to set up a training ground for the future scientists of the Philippines.
  • A memorandum dated October 12, 1959 issued by Superintendent of City Schools Abdon Javier provided that a science high school be established in accordance with a BPS memorandum dated September 29, 1959.
  • On October 24, 1959, upon recommendation of their respective principals and with the written permission of their parents, seven gifted freshmen from each high school took a series of tests at the Manila High School.
  • The 36 students who passed the examinations formed the nucleus of the Manila Science High School. The first science class opened on the 25th of November 1959.
  • During its second year, the first batch became officially known as the Special Science Class. This class made a first in the history of Philippine education when all of its members became gold medalist during their graduation in 1963.
  • That same year, the Special Science Classes, by virtue of Municipal Resolution No. 426 approved by the Mayor on October 1, 1963, was formally separated from Manila High and called the Manila Science High School, the first science high school in Manila and in the Philippines.
  • The organization and curriculum of the MSHS patterned after that of New York’s Bronx Science High School puts more emphasis on the sciences and mathematics.
  • Because the MSHS aims to turn out “scientists with souls,” the humanities and other electives are included in the curriculum.
  • Its not “all work and no play” for the young Einstein and Pythagorases, they take time out from tight schedules to participate in various extracurricular activities.
  • The school has a well-organized student organ.
  • Small though it may be, the MSHS has acquired some measure of fame made possible by its alumni and the present crop of students.
  • The Manila Science High School poses a challenge for greatness, advancement, and prosperity to the Filipino youth.