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MSHSAFI Mission and Vision


That all MSHS alumni will be unified under one umbrella organization in providing assistance to the school to uphold the high standards of education that MSHS has been known for.



  • Provide assistance to the school, its faculty and students that would enhance the teaching and study environment in MSHS.
  • Foster camaraderie and cooperation by providing a structured network connecting all MSHS alumni around the world.
  • Serve as a “clearing house” to facilitate an organized prioritization and implementation of alumni, batch and Foundation for MSHS.


Why an Alumni Foundation?

  • Need for a single body that will put together ALL graduates of MSHS
  • Need for a single body to represent all MSHS alumni in dealing with the school and other institutions- public and private


Advantages of having a single “umbrella” entity

  • It provides links among the different batch associations.
  • It serves as a “clearing house” of projects which the alumni can undertake for the school.
  • It can, as one entity, undertake bigger, longer-term programs, and
  • While batch associations link up different class members with one another,  the Foundation links up the different batch associations with one another.


Roles of the Foundation and the Batch Associations

  • The Foundation pursues bigger/longer term projects and programs; the batch takes care of the projects with a definite start and completion. (ex. Batch refurbishes the library or computer room; Foundation subsidizes school’s internet subscription)
  • The Foundation, working together with the school administration, PTC and Student Council, identifies and prioritizes projects which need the help of the alumni. Such projects are then assigned by the Foundation to whichever batch is interested to adopt the project. The batch, then, becomes the project proponent.
  • The Foundation can tap corporate donors and solicit funds with tax benefits.


Therefore,,, the MSHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. and the

Batch Associations do not compete….

We complement one another!!!!


“Dedicated to uphold camaraderie and cooperation in assisting our Alma Mater strive for academic excellence”


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