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The following set of
guidelines will be used in connection with the conduct of the Elections for
Supreme Student Government for SY 2011 – 2012:


a.    The 
Commission  on  Elections, 
herein  referred  to 
as  the  SSG 
COMELEC,  shall  be established within forty-five (45) days
before the day of election.

b.    The  SSG  COMELEC 
shall  be  the 
only  agency  that 
will  manage  the 
electoral  process, including the

c.    The  SSG COMELEC  shall 
be  compose  of 
eleven (11)  members  represented by  each 
year level  who  do 
not  have  vested 
interest in  the  election, 
or  in  any way 
related  to  any 
of  the candidates, and who shall
select a chairperson among themselves.

d.    The  composition  of 
the  members  shall 
be  three  (3)  from  the 
First  Year  Level 
(incoming Second Year), four (4) from the Second Year Level (incoming Third Year) and four (4) from the Third Year Level (incoming Fourth Year).

e.    The members of the SSG COMELEC shall be appointed by the adviser
of the SSG.

f.     The SSG COMELEC shall have the following duties and

Conduct fair, honest and systematic elections;

Formulate an Election Code or modify an existing Election Code if
necessary subject to the approval of the School Head;

Validate the electoral proceedings and result;

Accept or revoke candidacy;

Proclaim the new set of officers;

Keep all pertinent election papers/documents;

Decide upon protest relative to the conduct and result of the

Prepare  and  distribute 
the  necessary  election  paraphernalia, 
certificate  of  candidacy forms and other election related
materials before, during, and after the election; and,

Disqualify  candidates
who  have 
violated  any  of 
the  guidelines,  which 
have  been promulgated.

g.    From
among the members of the SSG COMELEC, excluding the SSG COMELEC Chairperson, four
(4) SSG Boards of Election Tellers (BET) will be formed composed of 2 members
each. A BET will be in-charge of the voting precinct exclusive for a year

h.    The
members of the SSG COMELEC who are not assigned as BET members shall comprise
the SSG COMELEC Board of Canvassers (BOC). The BOC shall be headed by the SSG
COMELEC Chairperson. The BOC will be responsible for the canvassing of votes
tallied by the four BET. Likewise, the BOC will make the proclamation of the
elected SSG officers.

i.      The
SSG COMELEC shall submit a comprehensive report on the conduct of the elections
within 5 days after the conclusion of the elections.

j.      The
SSG Adviser must be at all times present in the SSG COMELEC meetings.

k.    The
SSG Adviser must provide sound advice to the SSG COMELEC before passing a
judgement or resolution on a case without curtailing the rights of the SSG
COMELEC members individually or as a collegial body.

l.      The
SSG Adviser must note and sign all decisions of the SSG COMELEC.


The Candidates and Parties

a.    Candidates for all SSG elective positions must:

be bona fide students of Manila Science High School;

be of good academic standing with a general average of 85 and
above without any failing grade during the 1st  to 3rd grading period of the
current school year;

be of good moral character; and,

have not been subjected to any disciplinary sanction.

b.    Candidates
must submit the following documents between February 1 – 4, 2011, !0:00 – 11:00
AM, 12:00 – 2:00 PM in front of the Office of the Principal:

accomplished Application Form available at the SSG COMELEC Secretariat;

true copy of Form 138 (To be submitted on February 7, 2011 not later than 12:00

of Good Moral Character; and

 Parents permit stating that they are allowing
the candidate to take part in the election processes.

c.    All
official candidates will be required to attend an orientation meeting on
February 11, 2011 at 8:00 AM in the Library to be conducted by the SSG COMELEC.
In the said meeting a covenant for peaceful, orderly and honest elections will
be signed by all candidates and members of SSG COMELEC.

d.    All
official candidates are entitled to a copy of this 2011 SUPREME STUDENT

e.    Candidates
for president and vice president will be invited to a debate. The debate, which
will be held on February 17, 2011, will be organized by the editorial staff of
Ang Ubod and The Nucleus. The debate format, composition of panel of
interrogators, and possible questions to be asked in the debate prepared by the
media are subject to approval by the Principal.

f.     If
a candidate decides not to continue with his/her candidacy, he/she may be
substituted by a qualified candidate nominated by his/her party not later than
February 16, 2011.

g.    Only
two dominant parties will be recognized by the SSG COMELEC. Their dominance
will be based on the following:

of election ticket;

to wage a school-wide campaign; and

in the previous election.

h.    Candidates
who do not belong to the dominant parties will be considered independent
candidates. The dominant parties are entitled to a maximum of ten (10) poll
watchers, including the campaign manager. The poll watchers will be allowed to
observe the conduct of the elections and the counting of votes.

i.      Only
the dominant parties are entitled to a copy of Election Returns from the BET
and Election Results duly authenticated by the SSG BOC.


The Campaign

a.    The
campaign period will start on February 14, 2011 and will end on February 18,

b.    A
candidate will not be allowed to spend more than Php 0.25/voter. Win or lose,
he/she will be required to submit an accounting of election spending to the SSG
COMELEC the deadline of which will be 2 school days after the conclusion of the

c.    Constructive
campaigning shall be strictly observed. Negative campaigning will be referred
by the SSG COMELEC to the Guidance ad Counselling Center
for appropriate action.

d.    Parents,
teachers, non-teaching personnel and members of the alumni are strictly
prohibited to campaign for or against any candidate.

e.    The
SSG COMELEC shall establish five common poster boards to be located at the
following areas:

front of Bordner lobby

front of the school canteen

front of the Main building

front of the Maceda building

the Amadome

f.     All
posters must not be more than 8½ by 11½, reviewed and approved by the SSG
COMELEC. Use of tarpaulin as campaign material and campaign flyers are banned.

g.    Use
of other campaign materials such as pins, hats, nameplates, etc is subject to
approval by the SSG COMELEC. Use of sample ballots is strictly prohibited.


The Voters

a.    For
this election, all bona fide students of Manila Science
High School will be
allowed to vote.

b.    In
the succeeding elections, students with disciplinary or behavioural offense
such as absenteeism, tardiness, disrespectfulness, dishonesty etc. will be
banned from participating in the SSG elections.


The Voting Procedures

a.    The
voting shall take place at the Alzona Hall.

b.    Voting
shall start at 7:00 AM of February 23, 2011 and shall end at 3:00 PM of the
same day.

c.    Voters
may be allowed to vote only during any of the following time:

free time;

break; or

Studies or Values or MAPEH period.

d.    Voters
are assigned a specific SSG BET as follows;

Year students              -           SSG BET 1

Year students        -           SSG BET 2

Year students             -           SSG BET 3

Year students          -           SSG BET 4

e.    Before
allowing the first voter to cast his/her ballot, let the watchers inspect the
ballot box. Inside box should be free from any object.

f.     Voters
will fall in line and wait for his/her turn to be served by the BET.

g.    The
BET, upon confirmation of the voter’s identity in the voters’ list, will give
the voter an official ballot after the voter affix his signature and finger
print in the voters’ list opposite his printed name.

h.    The
voter will proceed to the armchair to be assigned to him/her and shade
appropriate circle opposite the name of the candidates he/she is voting for in
a specific position.

i.      As
soon as he/she finished accomplishing the ballot, the ballot will be dropped
inside the designated ballot box.

j.      The
voter will be requested to leave the polling place after he/she has cast his


The Counting Procedures

a.    Immediately
after the close of the voting, the four BET will tally the votes in their
respective precincts.

b.    Before
tallying, the members of the BET should see to it that the poll watchers are
present to observe the entire proceedings, tally board is ready and displayed
for public viewing, and counting paraphernalia are prepared.

c.    Once
the counting starts, it should not be halted until the last ballot is counted.

d.    The
members of the BET will open the ballot box and count the ballots to determine
if the number is equal to the number of actual number of voters.

e.    The
ballots will be arranged in piles of fifty (50) ballots and hold together by
rubber band.

f.     One
of the members of the BET will read the content of the ballot while the second
member records the votes in the tally board. The watchers and the public must
be given an unimpeded view of the ballot being read and the tally board.

g.    For
every pile of fifty ballots, the votes of each candidate will be written in
words after the last entry vote.

h.    The
SSG COMELEC should preserve the physical appearance of all the counted ballots
for at least one school year. They should not be altered, torn, burned, watered
or lost.

i.      After
tallying all the ballots, the BET will accomplish the Election Return Form
which will be the basis in the canvassing of votes by the BOC.

j.      The
first copy of Election Returns will be submitted to the BOC, the second copy to
be kept by the BET, the third and fourth copy will be given to the dominant

k.    After
all the four BET have submitted the Election Returns, the BOC will convene to
canvass the votes, with the SSG COMELEC Chairperson reading the contents of the
Election Returns, and the second and third members recording the results in the
final tally sheet and final Election Results Form.

l.      The
total votes in words and in numeral will be recorded for each candidate.

m.   If
two or more candidates received the same number of votes, the winner shall be
determined through a toss coin. This process must be done in the presence of
the contending candidates, their supporters and school officials.


The Proclamation of Winners

a.    In
the presence of all the members of the SSG COMELEC, the SSG COMELEC Chairperson
will proclaim the candidates with the highest votes in their respective
positions as the winners and duly elected 2011-2012 SSG Officers.

b.    The
SSG COMELEC will provide each newly elected SSG officers a certificate of


VIII.       The
Election Protest

a.    An
election may be contested if an alleged act may have caused the vote to show a
result different from the one that would have resulted.

b.    The
burden is upon the complainant to prove the allegation.

c.    If
a candidate wishes to contest the election, he/she must do so in writing within
twenty-four (24) hours after the proclamation of winners. The protest should
detail the reasons for contesting the results. If available, sworn statements
of witnesses will be required as attachments to the complaint.

d.    The
SSG COMELEC, sitting en banc, must deliberate and decide on the complaint
within seventy-two (72) hours after the receipt of the complaint.



This 2011 SUPREME
STUDENT GOVERNMENT ELECTION GUIDELINES was promulgated and approved by the SSG
COMELEC and to be used as basis in the conduct of the SSG Elections as
manifested by their signatures below.

Gerard Velonza, SSG
        COMELEC Chairperson             _____________________

Ferdinand Briones,
                   member                            _____________________

Joshua Crescini,
                   member                           _____________________

Thea Louise Marcelo,
                   member                           _____________________

  Alexis Bondad                       _____________________

Anna Lourdes Cruz,
                   member                           _____________________

MaryJoy Guya                                                                                                                                  member                                              _____________________

Joan Christie Zuniga,
                   member                           _____________________

Erika Thalia Sia,
                  member                             _____________________

Mary Grace Solayao                                                                              _____________________

Llewis Tamayao                                                                   _____________________